Q: You booked me, now what? 
A: Once you are booked on the show you'll have a little phone chat or coffee date with one of us to go over your story before the show just so we can help you edit and tighten the tale up. Please do not be offended that we want to go over your piece with you before a show, its not that we don't think you are a wonderful storyteller ( we wouldn't have booked you otherwise) we do this to help make you and the show stronger. We ask this of ALL performers regardless of their performance experience or credits. Margot and Giulia even go over each other's stories and help one another edit and tighten up their tales. And going over your story with someone is great practice and will just make you shine more on stage! 

Q: I am a musician, can I play a song at your show? 
A: Musicians play 2 or 3 songs at our show, as long as they are funny, original pieces and about sex. Potential musical acts can email us a link to their samples to 

Q: Do people strip at your show? 
A: Unfortunately no one has...yet. 

Q: Do you girls go out and sleep with new people every to get more stories for your show? 
A: No. A sex story can be anything from a mixed message, a missed opportunity, a kiss that you will never forget, or a wild night of multiple orgasms. Giulia and Margot do indeed tell stories at every show but they don't go out looking for show "research".mailto:strippedstories@gmail.comshapeimage_2_link_0
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Q: Can I tell a story at Stripped Stories? 
A: We sure hope so, but first we ask that you come see the show so that you are sure this is the right show for you.We often get requests from comedians wanting to "do a set" at our show. However, our guests don't "do sets," they share a very personal, very revealing story to a room full of strangers. So in an effort to avoid such requests we ask our potential performers to come see what we do so they know what we are looking for. 

Q: Okay I saw the show, now can I do your show? 
A: Maybe. The next step is to tell us your story. Once you've the show and can think of a good, funny, heartwarming, TRUE, sex story then email us a little synopsis of your story at  If your story fits one of our upcoming themes we'll get in touch with you about booking. We only book two guests a month and we get many requests, so please bare with us, if your story fits our show we will get you on eventually. We love adding new storytellers added to our roster of fabulous performers!mailto:strippedstories@gmail.comshapeimage_13_link_0
photo by Anya Garrett