"Combining humor, pathos, and mind-boggling anecdotes that will have you alternating between disbelief and empathy, Stripped Stories might also encourage you to share your own amorous misadventures. Tonight, the two bedroom adventurers bring along their wit, honesty, and select guests to shove those intimate moments no one was ever supposed to hear about back into the spotlight"-Flavorpill Chicago

"Hosts Giulia Rozzi and Margot Leitman share some of the juiciest, jaw-dropping tales." - Playgirl Magazine (Click this link for the full Playgirl Magazine mention)

"Since January 2007 Stripped Stories has been titillating NYC audiences with spicy sex stories that blend humor and music...start shedding your inhibitions now!"- BUST Magazine Feb/March 08' 

"Whether theyre young, old, male or female, Stripped Stories often leaves audiences feeling a little frisky"-Time Out Chicago
"Riddled with intentionally and deliciously awkward moments"-Out Magazine

"New York's newest and sexiest stage show Stripped Stories has rewritten the rules of modern life."- Arena Magazine, Turkey

"Striking a balance between entertainment and enlightenment is trickier than sitting down with your friends over cocktails and revealing what went on behind the Green Door. Giulia Rozzi and Margot Leitman have found that balance with their show, Stripped Stories." - Flavorpill Flavorwire

“A night of sexual storytelling that regales titillated audiences with tales of wet/hot/sweet/sweaty/awkward lovin'." -Boston Phoenix,29@3400.html
"The confessions are so cathartic you'll want to share your own." - TimeOut NY ( A Critic's pick, Best by Day pick, and recommended 'thing to do after a breakup' in the "Need To Be Alone" issue. Click this link for Timeout NY pick of the week blurb) 

"Hosts Margot Leitman and Giulia Rozzi hang their tryst-filled laundry for everyone to see, and they get their horny audience to do it, too."- NY Press

"You might just gain the courage to whip out those fuzzy handcuffs hidden beneath the bedsprings."-Improper Boston
"Stripped brings on a slew of performers (HBO-tested comedians, VH1-tested musicians, etc) to tell embarrassing tales of sex and woe, from the shame of getting caught masturbating to the shame of visiting planned parenthood with a small-penised man"- Thrillist

"The one thing that can still make us laugh and cringe, sometimes at the same time? Honesty. Which is what Giulia Rozzi and Margot Leitman have been looking for since they started their show, Stripped Stories, in 2007."- Boston Comedy

"Giulia Rozzi and fellow funnywoman Margot Leitman host a night of candid accounts of their own sexual misadventures that's sure to arouse and amuse." -Flavorpill

“Think of Stripped Stories as an opportunity for you to feel less alone about your naked misadventures, whether they involve an imaginary relationship or multiple orgasms."- Boston Phoenix 

"Brutally frank hilarity...improving the odds that your past misadventures will soon help you get laid again."- Thrillist

"Giulia Rozzi and Margot Leitman milk those unsexy blunders for a night full of laughs." -The Village Voice (also a featured Village Voice Choice)

"The hosts (Giulia & Margot) and their guests are serving up unique material you wont get to hear anywhere else." 

"Giulia and Margot bring it all out in the open with their hilarious true tales to help every human realize that sex IS funny!"- Whispers Media 

"It's like the old-fashioned storytelling hour at the children's library, but... not suitable for children, except Dakota Fanning."- 

"Hilarious true sex stories"---AM NY 

"Brave, brassy comedy divas like Giulia Rozzi and Margot Leitman,[are] putting the final nail in the coffin of 'there just aren't that many funny women out there."-

"I laughed so hard I almost shit my pants"--Dee, audience member at the March 7 show

“On the first Thursday of every month, Margot Leitman and Giulia Rozzi host “Stripped Stories”
at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade (UCB) Theater in Chelsea. While many storytelling shows veer
into sexual territories, this show guarantees to go there (with grace if not class).
Their website describes the show as “a night of hilarious sex-themed storytelling and games.” Each show
features true stories from Leitman and Rozzi, as well as two guest storytellers. At the midway
point, an audience participation game is played, and before the night concludes, expect a music
act (also sex-themed).
It’s important to note that while Leitman and Rozzi revel unapologetically in their show’s subject
matter, they do so responsibly. At the beginning of each show, Leitman and Rozzi explain to
the consistently packed house, that they have entered a “safe zone.” Amid the raucous laughter,
groans, and cheers, the underlying tone is supportive and judgment-free. The room maintains
a Vegas approach: what’s seen and heard in the theater, stays in the theater. So while Leitman,
Rozzi and company’s stories are completely true and unforgettable—the juicy details are meant
to stay off of Facebook, Twitter, and yes, the Examiner.
If you’ve never seen storytellers perform their craft, “Stripped Stories” is a great place to
experience funny, seasoned soloists. Make reservations at least a couple of days in advance on
the UCB website. Tickets are $5 and the show runs close to 90 minutes.”
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photo by Anya Garrett
NY Press- Named “Best Sexual Experience with Your Clothes On” by New York Press

“Sexual growing pains are turned into comedy.” -Philadelphia Inquirer

“The tales shared at a “Stripped Stories” session aren’t necessarily sexy. In fact, very few of them are. They are all, however, about sex — and quite funny, provided you weren’t in the room when they happened.”  Metro Philadelphia   

“Giulia Rozzi and Margot Leitman host the kickoff story slam”- Temple University News

“What Margot and Giula excel at, for lack of a better term, is hip(ster) cocktail wear.” -The Philly Post (On what to wear to Stripped Stories) 

“File this one in the absolutely must-see category.” - Philadelphia Weekly 

“A mix of high school sleepover and college experimentation. Don't come reserved.” -Philadelphia City Paper

“It’s hard to think of a topic more universal” 

“sometimes-scarring, sometimes-uplifting, always-amusing anecdotes.” - 7x7 San Francisco

“Two bedroom daredevils bring along their wit, honesty, and select guests to put those intimate moments no one was ever supposed to hear about back into the spotlight.” -Flavorpill Chicago

“watch out — no ex-lover’s kinks are safe from full-on public scrutiny.” -SF Station

“Sex sells. Would you dish the dirt about your sex life? There’s quite a market for this at Stripped Stories.” 

“Writer/performers willing to make public sexual musings seem brazen and brave.” - Chicago Sun Times

Named “What To Do This Weekend”- Washingtonian

“Prepare to overshare.” - Stuff Magazine Boston

“Comic’s tales are ‘Stripped’ bare”- Boston Herald (Inside Track)